Banks & Financial Institutions Regulation

 Unified Directives 2073 Revised   5200.62 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs, 2073   1471.4 kB
 Unified Directives 20724542.51 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs, 20721433.07 kB
 Unified Directives 20714539.18 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs, 20711451.96 kB
 Unified Directives 20692569.22 kB
 Directives to Microfinance FIs 2070991.03 kB
 Unified Directives 20702633.81 kB
 Unified Directives 20682343.21 kB
 Unified Directives 2067 English1496.09 kB

 Nepal ECC Rules Book 2015403.2 kB
 Nepal ECC Operating Rules 20151027.15 kB
 ICAAP Guidelines 2012 (updated July 2013)309.61 kB
 IT Guidelines 2012336.46 kB
 Cheque Standards and Specifications 20121429.71 kB
 Stress Testing Guidelines 2012466.16 kB
 Risk Management Guidelines 2010272.59 kB
 Chief Executive's Remuneration Guidelines 20671282.92 kB
 CEO's Remuneration for B, C and D Class Institutions Guidelines 2068105.09 kB
 Banking Service Fee Guidelines 20671531.14 kB

Financial Stability Report
• Issue No. 7 (July 2015)  1.7 mb

• 2073/74
• 2072/73
• 2071/72
• 2070/71
• 2069/70
• 2068/69
• 2067/68

Samples of Article of Association, Memorandum of Association and Bylaws :
Model Draft
कर्मचारी सेवा विनियमावली
कर्जा अपलेखन विनियमावली
आर्थिक प्रशासन विनियमावली
List of Professional Experts
» Application Form
» Approved List of Experts
Approval of Auditors
» Approved list of Auditors
List of Banks & Financial Institutions
» List in English (Jan 2017) [PDF]   
» List in Nepali (Poush 2073) [PDF]   
» Codes for Banks & Financial Institutions
Miscellaneous Notices
• बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्था संस्थापना सम्बन्धि निवेदन दर्ता स्थगित गरिएको सूचना
Notice for Non MICR Cheque Clearance   
License Cancellation of United Development Bank
Nepal National Payment System Development Strategy
Notice for Listing of Management Team
Attachment - Application Form for Lisitng of Management Team
Notice for Bank Balance Certificate Related Ads.
Notice for Task Force and Hotline Provision for Banking Services.
नेपाल बैंक लि. को प्रगति विवरण
संस्थापक शेयरधनी परिवर्तन गर्न नपाइने बारे नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंकको सूचना
Application fee for establishment of new BFIs
Postponement of Licensing for NGOs

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